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We will make every effort to provide our clients with a healthy, loving companion. We go to great lengths to produce dogs in great health. Your pup is guaranteed to be in good health upon delivery or pickup, having had all shots and dewormings necessary for his/her age. We require taking your pup to the vet within 48 hours of arrival/pickup, at this time pup is fully guaranteed. Any health problems must be brought to our attention IMMEDIATELY. In return  the pup will be replaced with another pup from that litter or one from a future litter. In order for that to take place we have to have a letter from the vet stating the problem. NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN!!!
The blue coat coloring in most breeds is associated with problems. Blue coated dogs of all breeds are more prone to bacterial, viral. staph and fungal infections as well as various forms of dermatitis, allergies, demodex and color mutant alopecia, while some of these conditions are hereditary many of them are simply    the result of the blue coat coloring, and our partner kennels have done countless hours of research and had lengthy conversations with our vets. As a result of our findings and the opinions of our vets WE DO NOT GUARANTEE AGAINST ANY SKIN OR COAT PROBLEMS!! nor will we be responsible for skin and coat problems that are common for dogs with blue coloring. Most of these coat problems are easily and inexpensively treated for around $50.00. Most breeders will not tell you about these common problems but we feel it is your right to know. We have seen it produced in bloodlines and colors but most commonly in  blues of all bloodlines and many other blue coated breeds. Not all blue dogs will be effected by a skin problem but you must be prepared to treat your dog in the event that he/she does. We will not knowingly breed any dog that is a producer of a skin diease. There is no test available for these problems prior to signs of infection. Adult dogs can be carriers and not ever show signs of infection. For more infromation on this please, discuss this with your vet and research it online or elsewhere as we have, before you decide to buy a blue dog or one with ancestors who are blue! WE WILL NOT REPLACE A DOG OR REFUND MONEY ON A DOG PURCHASED FROM US THAT BECOMES EFFECTED. Breeder DOES NOT make any guarantees on dogs that are accquired as the result of a puppy trade for stud service to. Of our studs or dogs owned to us by ohter breeders for other reasons. SELLER DOES NOT GUARANTEE HEALTH OF DOGS SELLER DID NOT PRODUCE.  Seller also makes no guarantees that any dogs or pup or adult are reproductively sound and may or may not ever reproduce pups.
All pups are not guaranteed to show quality. We do not make guaranteed that a particular coat color and / or pattern will be produced in any litter. Any coat color is possible in all litters produced. Deposits are NOT refundable for any reason, but may may be transferable only in the event that the sex of the pup you requested is not produced, no pups are produced, not enough pups are produced to cover your pick, pup chosen or develops health problem before 8 weeks of age. DEPOSITS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE BECAUSE OF COLOR. Deposits consist any and all monies paid prior to pups being 6 weeks of age. Balance on pup is due at 6 weeks of age. If shipping is needed we will provide this service for an additional fee of $300.00 which includes air fare, crate and health certificate required for shipping. Pups are shipped at 8 weeks or can be picked up at 6 weeks. Buyers placing deposits agree that pup will be picked up/shipped by 8 weeks of age. Buyers agrees that the deposit are non-refundable and failure to pick up pup/dog or accept deliveryby  8 weeks of age makes agreement void and results forfeiture of deposit. WE REQUIRE FULL PAYMENT FOR PUP AT 6 WEEKS OF AGE.
It is the buyers responsibilty to ensure that seller has contact information to be able to reach you. If buyers should move, have a phone # change etc. it is buyers responsibilty to notify the seller. SELLER WILL NOT ATTEMPT TO TRACK BUYER DOWN IF INFORMATION HAS CHANGED SINCE DEPOSIT WAS PAID. If seller is unable to reach you when it is time for picks to be made your pick will sold and deposit will not be refunded.
Terms of payment are cash, certified check, money order, western union money tranfer.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. Buyer is welcome to make payments on their pup prior and up to pick -up/shipping date, however this is not required. Money sent by mail must be sent to the following address: P.O. BOX 258 LAVONIA GA 30553 envelope should be marked personal and confidental. It is suggested you send the money in such a way that requires signature/delivery confirmation. DO NOT MAIL CASH. Our deposits are taken based on first deposit received.

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